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Educative 1
Publication by Amsterdam University Press with one of my paintings as cover image. 2011.


Educative 2
Publication for VMBO students for the CITO toets. In this publication the works of four artists are taken as an example for students on how to approach starting a creative project. The artists are Leonardo da Vinci, Panamarenko, Tomas Saraceno and Aquil Copier.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. 2011


Drawings in mimeograph print
During a workperiod in Germany in September 2010. Serie of colour separated drawings. These are printed in mimeograph print (in Dutch: gestencilled).


Exhibition composed for (miniature) museum Le Secet. 2010.
In this miniature exhibition the theme is the word immigration and the always challenging idea for artists to life and work abroad.

Participating artists:
frank ammerlaan NL > London
eugenie goldschmeding NL > Parijs
paul haworth UK > NL
michael markwick US/NL > Berlin
joep overtoom NL > London
geeske bijker NL > Berlijn


Challenging the myth of the painter
Group exhibition of 20 painters connected with PRESENTeert, the pamphlet on painting, at stichting outLINE. And event 'Call for artists writings' with presentations by participants: Aquil Copier, Michiel Hogenboom, Mischa Rakier and Sander van Deurzen.

Participating artists: niels broszat, aquil copier, sander van deurzen, iris frerichs, gijs frieling, menso groeneveld, iva gueorguieva, paul haworth, michiel hogenboom, [v&b] alex jacobs and ellemieke schoenmaker, stefan kasper, aukje koks, peter luining, maaike van der linden [representative verfhond], mischa rakier, simon schrikker, jeroen vrijsen, reinoud van vught, marjolijn de wit and michiel van der zanden.




Participation in the installation of Iva Gueorguieva: Betekenen. Signe, Heerlen (NL). 2010. With interventions by Joanneke Meester, Patricia Kaersenhout, Martijn van Erp, aquil Copier and Iva Gueorguieva.


Metamorphose, site-specific installation of wool and plaster. Made during a workperiod (Grenswerk 2010) in Tripkau (Germany). A previous military kazerne where soldiers where hosted to protect the DDR border, now transformed into an art space.

"Wat is er met de ruimte gebeurd sinds ze van doorgangsplaats voor pelgrimages tot bezienswaardigheid van toeristen is kunnen worden". This sentence comes from the book Filosofie van het landschap by Ton Lemaire and is painted on the wall as a part of the installation in the former dog house.

Photo's: Gabriella Barros.


Workperiod in Itea (Greece). Installation of wool and plaster. Dimensions 140 x 300 cm. 2008.


Painting as a multiple
Commission for a multiple by Regioplan. Digitally scanned paintings reproduced as a gloss photo paper C-print mounted on dibond and plexiglas.

Second photo below is the presentation of a serie digitally scanned paintings at ART Amsterdam 2010 by 2x2projects Gallery.


Woodchapel Leidsche Rijn
Assisting Gijs Frieling with painting project. The chapel is designed by William Speakman.



Mimeograph printed (in Dutch: gestencild) platfom for painting since November 2009. The goal is to present painters ideas and visions, apart from their visual work… perhaps related to painting.


Another perfect world
Exhibition and filmscreening composed in an alternative art space in Amsterdam.
The theme for the exhibition was: visions on paradise and utopia.

Participating artists: Wafae Ahalouch el Keriasti, Simon Schrikker, Michiel van der Zanden, Bianca Runge and Aquil Copier.


Landsporen atlas
This project is commisioned by CBK 's-Hertogenbosch. 10 drawings on paper bounded in a book (150x100 cm.), representing an atlas which comprises a series of drawings that suggest more than describe surroundings landscapes of Den Bosch. By applying a variety of techniques and materials (airbrush, oil pencils, tempera and acrylics), a collection of painterly detailed sketches and highly suggestive rough drawings are realized. Even though inspired by Den Bosch geography, these drawings activate in the spectators a process of imagination more than of recognition of familiar landscapes. The work indirectly comments on the status and function of an atlas. Other than an object consulted to find precise position of cities or streets, this new Atlas suggests seeking location or place as a process of personal associations, where individual knowledge, memory and desires are intimately intermingled. It speaks of personal imagination and emotional travels, over objectivity and geographical coordinates.


Educative 3
Publication by Amsterdam University Press with one of my paintings as cover image. 2012.


The Dot Gallery / IMAGINE 2012
In collaboration with Ricoh and CBK 's Hertogenbosch i have been working one month in a nice white studio in the former Stedelijk Museum building in Den Bosch during a one month event of workshops and lectures by Ricoh. Here are some of the results of my work.

Participating artist: Aquil Copier, Paul Klotz/LED-Art, Daan Roosegaarde, Joris Strijbos & Dan Johan/Macular, Dorette Sturm, Joris Tubbergen, Sander Veenhof/SNDRV en Jonas Vorwerk & Yoren Schriever.


Topografische Atlas van Amsterdam
Drawings made for the Amsterdam City Archive (StadsArchief Amsterdam) for the Topographic Atlas 2012.

- IJburg-West, Amsterdam.
Mixed media (olieverf, spuitverf en inkt) op papier. 2012 ± 60 x 44 cm.
- Oosterdokskade, Amsterdam.
Mixed media (olieverf, spuitverf en inkt) op papier. 2012 ± 60 x 44 cm.
- Oranje-vrijstaatkade, Amsterdam.
Mixed media (olieverf, spuitverf en inkt) op papier. 2012 ± 60 x 44 cm.
- Overhoeks, Amsterdam.
Mixed media (olieverf, spuitverf en inkt) op papier. 2012 ± 60 x 44 cm.


Fata Morgana
Small paintings on oilpaint paper to research different mapping vocabulary that will be applied in my paintings. The ongoing research started in 2011. It consist out of a serie with already over 100 items on paper (40x30cm). The serie is called Fata Morgana. The images below is a selection. Watch this video for more of the Fata Morgana serie:


Playground serie
Serie of 7 paintings made in collaboration with Joanneke Meester. Collage technique and paint on canvas, 300x220cm, 2013.


Serie of 15 screenprints made at the AGA (Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier 2013). This serie is based on the investigation of the act of painting and the handeling of the material in a free way and the combination of the more or less fixed layers in printmaking. The serie is 297 x 420 mm, oilpaint, spraypaint and screenprint on paper.



Some video's on my work or related to my work on vimeo 2013.

AquilCopierspainting#02 from aquil copier on Vimeo.

aquilcopierspainting#03 from aquil copier on Vimeo.

aquilcopierspainting#4 from aquil copier on Vimeo.

aquilcopierspainting#05 from aquil copier on Vimeo.



The Most Ugliest Painting in the World / Het Lelijkste Schilderij Ter Wereld (HLSTW)
Project in which eight painters are asked to paint in reaction on a text about The Most Ugliest Painting in the World. The text on which I had to react was written by Thomas van Aalten.

Participating Writers: AHJ Dautzenberg, Jan van Mersbergen, Michiel Eijsbouts, Lucas Hirsch, Nyk de Vries, Thomas van Aalten, Özcan Akyol en Joubert Pignon.

Painters: Aquil Copier, Sander van Deurzen, Pascal van der Graaf, Joncquil, Giel Louws, Mari Stoel, V&B (Alex Jacobs & Ellemieke Schoenmaker) en Bas Zoontjens.

This project is developed by Horizonverticaal in Haarlem.



Imagined, virtualized and possible for real
Ongoing project in public space with Google Earth clickable icons spraypainted on the street. Often on locations where my work is in an exhibition or at random in the city of Amsterdam on various locations... The work is spraypainted with pigment spray, a chalk kind of paint, so it will disappear after some rain.

The artwork will be visible in Google Earth at the location where the artwork is sprayed in the street. The painted icon will disappear after a while but the project will continu for ever in virtual space.

The precise GE locations are:
52° 21' 21.10" N 4° 54' 5.87" E
52° 22' 31.14" N 4° 53' 22.82" E



The Onconventional Atlas of Amsterdam
Big artist book (70x50cm) is ready after one year of work. Its a collaboration with: Joanneke Meester, Marjolijn de Wit and Dieuwke Spaans.

Even though inspired by Amsterdam geography, these pages activate in the spectators a process of imagination more than of recognizeable maps or existing places in the city. The work indirectly comments on the status and function of an atlas. Other than an object consulted to find precise position of streets, this new Atlas suggests seeking location or place as a process of personal associations, where individual knowledge, memory and desires are intimately intermingled. It speaks of personal imagination and emotional travels, experiencing or percieving a place or city, over objectivity and geographical coordinates. 48 pages are painted by Aquil Copier and 12 pages are reinterpreted by the other artists.

The Conventionele Atlas van Amsterdam 2

The Conventionele Atlas van Amsterdam 3

The Conventionele Atlas van Amsterdam 6

De Onconventionele Atlas van Amsterdam from aquil copier on Vimeo.



There is no I @ W139 Amsterdam 2014
An international group of painters left the comfort zone of their workspaces. They will offer up their ego's in service of the exploration of a collective work process. Initiators Aquil Copier and Raymond Cuijpers collected together a group of 20 artists who want to create a space for developments which could not exist without the artists leaving their personal universe.
W139 presents There is no I, an experiment where painters explore the possibilities and boundaries of their work at W139. Over the course of a couple weeks, together - without a premeditated plan - they will work on large new paintings. The focus will be on the process of creation, paying attention to discussion about and reflection on painting.
Initially the group will be divided in four categories: Theory, where the artists mostly work from a particular theory, a concept; Energy, those who mostly work from physical movements; different, artists who work radically and free; and monochrome those who strive for monochrome abstraction. For the group this subdivision merely counts as a point of departure. The work process is free from rules and all space will be given to explore the unpredictable.
The whole process will continuously be open to the public to provide a detailed insight in the making process of a painting. Also to present the development of the collaborative works of the painters of There is no I. Screenings of documentaries about painters and painting will be shown in a separate space. During the working period there will be an evening program with manifestations revolving around painting and its process. At the end of this intensive period of collaboration and exploration the artists of There is no I will show a tangible energy in a final presentation.

participating artists: Paul Beumer, Aquil Copier, Raymond Cuijpers, Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, Wieteke Heldens, Lieven Hendriks, Jeroen Hofhuizen, Judith Kisner, Gerben Koldijk, Henrik Kröner, Papa Adama (Sawadogo), Marie Van Vollenhoven, Marcel Van der Berg, Evi Vingerling, Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch, Coen Vunderink, Ido Vunderink, Jasper van der Graaf.

Here are some photo's of the process and scroll down for photo's of the final presentation.



The final presentation...

THERE IS NO I, final presentation 01THERE IS NO I, final presentation 02THERE IS NO I, final presentation 03THERE IS NO I, final presentation 04THERE IS NO I, final presentation 05THERE IS NO I, final presentation 06



Painting a 30 meter canvas @ Artel Office. The Netherlands 2014
The Dutch company Artel produced and stretched a canvas of 2x30 meters. Just for fun and to show that they are able to... Me and some friends took the opportunity to paint this canvas in one weekend.

Participating artists: Arthur Stokvis, Andre Smits, Saskia de Maree, Lisa Couwenbergh, Mai van Oers, Jeroen Vrijsen, V&B and Aquil Copier.

artel 30 meter canvas 01artel 30 meter canvas 02artel 30 meter canvas 03



ArtBruut workshop
On saturday juli 11th i gave a painting workshop for the artists from ArtBruut foundation. We painted alltogether on a large scale pre-printed canvas. For more information on ArtBruut see the website:



Screenprint @ Studio Onvervalst
Studio Onvervalst is a new screen print studio initiated by painter Vincent Uilenbroek where artist are invited to make a screen print edition. These artworks are for sale at:

You can buy my unique screen print for 150,- euro. Be quick there are only 10 unique editions available…
Participating artist so far: Rob Bouwman, Erik de Bree, Aquil Copier, Simon Schrikker, Arthur Stokvis, Veerle Thoben, Stefan Kasper, Marjolijn de Wit en Michiel van der Zanden, and many more.




Grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender 2016
Publication with 365 artist from Amsterdam with my work included.



Projectweek @ Academie Minerva Groningen: Zonder Pardon
Together with painter Rob Bouwman, we created a project for students at Minerva. Based on our previous projects—collaboration between Rob Bouwman and Vincent Uilenbroek and my project There is no I in W139—we offered an intense week of painting, students had to paint over other students work and back. The goal is to learn what can happen to the work if another path is chosen then the first student would have taken. In other words, getting out of your comfort zone.



Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender 2017
Images and etc. wil follow soon....




PARK Tilburg book
Publication on ArtSpace Park in Tilburg with my work include. Images and etc. wil follow soon....





Itea 2018
Work period 1+10 in Itea Greece, organized by Panos Mitsopoulos And Nienke Brokking.





Studio in 2018
Some random shots of my big studio in 2018 in Amsterdam.





Copieright Paintlab
This will be launched soon. Courses on painting best practice and how to use your paint material the best way. This course is for artist with many years painting practice and for beginners.





Lecture at Bcademie 2019
In the post academie students learn from guest teachers how an art practice can look like.




















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