Lecture at Bcademie 2019

comes soon...

Copieright Paintlab
This will be launched soon. Courses on painting best practice and how to use your paint material the best way. >>

comes soon...

Studio in 2018
Some random shots of my big studio in 2018 in Amsterdam. >>

comes soon...

Itea 2018
Work period 1+10 in Itea Greece in2018 >>

comes soon...

PARK Tilburg book 2016
Publication on ArtSpace Park in Tilburg with my work included >>

comes soon...

Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender 2017
Publication with Dutch Artist with my work included >>

comes soon...

Zonder Pardon @ Minerva
Tutor for projectweek at Minerva Art Academy. November 2015 >>

Grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender 2016
Publication with artist from Amsterdam with my work included >>

Screenprinting for Studio Onvervalst
new screenprints for new screenprint initiative 2015 >>

ArtBruut workshop
Painting with homeless people for ArtBruut Foundation 2015 >>

Painting a big size canvas @ Artel
Painting a 2x30m canvas. September 2014 >>

artel 30 meter canvas

Experiment where painters collectively explore the possibilities and boundaries of their work on big canvasses. July 2014 >>

De Onconventionele Atlas van Amsterdam 2014
Big artist book (70x50cm) that describes non-objective places in Amsterdam >>

Imagined, virtualized and possible for real
Project in public space with google Earth clickable icons spraypainted on the street. >>

The Most Ugliest Painting in the World / Het Lelijkste Schilderij Ter Wereld (HLSTW)
Project in which eight painters are asked to paint in reaction on a text about The Most Ugliest Painting in the World. >>

Serie of 15 screenprints made at the AGA (Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier). 2013. >>

Playground serie
Serie of paintings in collaboration with Joanneke Meester. 2013. >>

Some video's on my work or related to my work on vimeo 2013. >>

Topografische Atlas van Amsterdam
Drawings for the Amsterdams StadsArchief 2012. >>

Fata Morgana 2012
Small paintings on oilpaint paper to research different mapping vocabulary. >>
Imagine 2012
The Dot Gallery, in collaboration with Ricoh and CBK 's Hertogenbosch. >>
Educative 3
Amsterdam University Press cover image. 2012. >>

Educative 1
Amsterdam University Press cover image. 2011. >>

Educative 2
Publication for VMBO students for the CITO toets. 2011. >>

Mimeograph prints
Colour separted drawings made during workperiod in Germany. 2010. >>

Exhibition composed for (miniature) museum Le Secet. 2010. >>

Challenging the myth of the painter
Exhibition in collaboration with Stichting outLINE Amsterdam. 2010. >>

Participation in the installation of Iva Gueorguieva: Betekenen. Signe, Heerlen (NL). 2010. >>

Installation made during workperiod in former DDR military kazerne at Tripkau (Germany). 2010. >>


Installation made during 1+10=10 workperiod in Itea (greece). 2008. >>


Painting as a multiple
Commission for a multiple by Regioplan. 2009. >>

Woodchapel Leidsche Rijn
Assisting Gijs Frieling in painting project. 2009. >>

Painting pamphlet PRESENTeert
Printed platform for painters. started since 2009. >>

Another perfect world
Exhibition composed in alternative art space. 2009. >>

10 drawings on paper bounded in a book. 150x100 cm. 2007. >>

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