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Punch Exhibition Space

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Small Talk, Big Ambition @ Upscale Galerie 2021
Solo exhibition at Upscale Galerie in Rotterdam with small works, and the ambition to make the real size.

Studio in 2020
Some random shots of my studio in 2020 in Amsterdam. I enjoy working here now

Copieright Paintlab
Short courses on paints, pigments and binders. According to Painting Best Practice. From January 2020 until present

Punch! The smallest exhibition space in Amsterdam. Every two weeks another opening with a solo-presentation. Short but powerfull, like a punch! From January 2020 until present

The Golden Egg
Exhibition around the thema fundamental painting in studio building Het Gouden Ei in Amsterdam in 2019

Lecture at Bcademie 2019
Lecture about my artist practice for students of the Bcademie in Rotterdam

Studio in 2018
Some random shots of my studio in 2018 in Amsterdam. I enjoyed working there

Itea 2018
1+10, Workperiod in Itea Greece in 2018.

PARK013 publication, 2016
Publication on the activities of Park013 in Tilburg with my work included

Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender 2017
Calender with Dutch Artist with my work included

Zonder Pardon @ Minerva
Tutor for projectweek at Minerva Art Academy. November 2015 >>

Grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender 2016
Publication with artist from Amsterdam with my work included >>

Screenprinting for Studio Onvervalst
new screenprints for new screenprint initiative 2015 >>

ArtBruut workshop
Painting with homeless people for ArtBruut Foundation 2015 >>

Painting a big size canvas @ Artel
Painting a 2x30m canvas. September 2014 >>

artel 30 meter canvas

Experiment where painters collectively explore the possibilities and boundaries of their work on big canvasses. July 2014 >>

De Onconventionele Atlas van Amsterdam 2014
Big artist book (70x50cm) that describes non-objective places in Amsterdam >>

Imagined, virtualized and possible for real
Project in public space with google Earth clickable icons spraypainted on the street. >>

The Most Ugliest Painting in the World / Het Lelijkste Schilderij Ter Wereld (HLSTW)
Project in which eight painters are asked to paint in reaction on a text about The Most Ugliest Painting in the World. >>

Serie of 15 screenprints made at the AGA (Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier). 2013. >>

Playground serie
Serie of paintings in collaboration with Joanneke Meester. 2013. >>

Some video's on my work or related to my work on vimeo 2013. >>

Topografische Atlas van Amsterdam
Drawings for the Amsterdams StadsArchief 2012. >>

Fata Morgana 2012
Small paintings on oilpaint paper to research different mapping vocabulary. >>
Imagine 2012
The Dot Gallery, in collaboration with Ricoh and CBK 's Hertogenbosch. >>
Educative 3
Amsterdam University Press cover image. 2012. >>

Educative 1
Amsterdam University Press cover image. 2011. >>

Educative 2
Publication for VMBO students for the CITO toets. 2011. >>

Mimeograph prints
Colour separted drawings made during workperiod in Germany. 2010. >>

Exhibition composed for (miniature) museum Le Secet. 2010. >>

Challenging the myth of the painter
Exhibition in collaboration with Stichting outLINE Amsterdam. 2010. >>

Participation in the installation of Iva Gueorguieva: Betekenen. Signe, Heerlen (NL). 2010. >>

Installation made during workperiod in former DDR military kazerne at Tripkau (Germany). 2010. >>


Installation made during 1+10=10 workperiod in Itea (greece). 2008. >>


Painting as a multiple
Commission for a multiple by Regioplan. 2009. >>

Woodchapel Leidsche Rijn
Assisting Gijs Frieling in painting project. 2009. >>

Painting pamphlet PRESENTeert
Printed platform for painters. started since 2009. >>

Another perfect world
Exhibition composed in alternative art space. 2009. >>

10 drawings on paper bounded in a book. 150x100 cm. 2007. >>

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